As we look ahead to 2018, how will multi-channel retailers make customers happy while giving both shoppers and staff the flexibility they want?

This year’s JDA Consumer Survey, JDA CEO Viewpoint Survey and JDA Voice of the Store Manager Survey all help reveal the answer to a question that will remain important in 2018 and beyond: What do retailers need to know about fulfillment to make smarter decisions and give customers the experience they expect?

It’s a valid question: All signs point to fulfillment continuing to be one of the key areas that retailers must address to remove as much friction as possible from the buying experience.

And with 54 percent of shoppers saying they prefer to shop in-store, compared to a combined 43 percent who prefer to shop on either computers or mobile, it’s more important than ever for retailers to have the right technology and staffing mix to give customers what they want. If you don’t, it’s a good bet that another retailer will.

Our new high-level infographic sums up key findings from three of the year’s biggest surveys, answering important questions like:

  • How much impact are customer returns having on profits?
  • What’s keeping supply chain executives up at night?
  • What does the future hold for retail fulfillment?

View the infographic for more details. And for more insights from JDA’s research, visit our survey website to learn how you can rise to meet retail’s fulfillment challenges.