The future of the supply chain has some big investment drivers, but what are they? And what have they historically been? More importantly, how do companies apply them to keep their supply chains both effective and reactive… without creating delay? From applying predictive analytics to using IoT to avoid disruption, hear from JDA’s Fred Baumann on how companies can leverage their supply chains to drive better customer service in a positive way. Below, listen as Baumann reveals his expert insight in part-six of the Executive Exchange Series from JDA in an interview with Incisiv’s Gaurav Pant.

When applying supply chain strategies to your business, begin by identifying the problems you want to solve. This is just one of the many valuable insights Baumann shared in the video above, but you can gain more insight by reviewing the 2nd Annual JDA & KPMG Digital Supply Chain Investment survey, conducted by Incisiv. Discover what’s driving and delaying investments in the digital supply chain across retail, manufacturing and logistics and more, plus explore what other executive leaders have to say about how JDA has helped their businesses in the videos below.

Visit the blog next Tuesday for part seven of our Executive Exchange Series. We’ll speak with Brain Higgins of KPMG