JDA recently hosted its annual High-Tech Thought Leadership event at our customer Maxim Integrated’s world headquarters campus. The event had a great turnout in the heart of the global high-tech and electronics/semiconductor industry, and attendees heard fantastic customer presentations from Maxim, as well as our customer Western Digital. Several organizations including Cypress Semiconductor, Intel Corporation/Altera, Marvell Semiconductor, and others participated.

Suman Mittal, Shweta Sharma, Dr. Bo Liao and Navjyot Kaur from Western Digital spoke about the company’s “Digital Supply Chain” journey which is facilitated by lights-off planning, lights-off manufacturing and advanced supply chain analytics.

  • Lights-off planning is enabled by funneling the optimized supply plan from long-range silicon planning to daily and real-time scheduling of builds on the shop floor; master planning, inventory optimization, factory planning, detailed scheduling and real-time order promising capabilities make this possible.
  • Lights-off manufacturing is enabled by real-time scheduling communication to factory shop floor robots that carry out jobs in a coordinated fashion, resulting in a seamless and connected process of wafer-in to products-out automation.
  • The company’s approach to advanced supply chain analytics has evolved from descriptive analytics (what happened in the past) → predictive analytics (what will happen in the future) → prescriptive analytics (what should we do about it) → cognitive analytics (how machine learning can be leveraged to automate what needs to be done).

The company has gained significant value by enabling a demand-driven, segmented and responsive supply chain. Western Digital has realized more than meaningful improvement in service levels, reduced plan generation and the manufacturing frozen fence substantially, achieved a significant cost reduction, and earned top supplier awards from commercial and retail partners.

To learn about JDA’s approach to innovation, read JDA CEO Girish Rishi’s recent article in Forbes. For additional information on how to make the pivot to digital transformation, download JDA’s white paper on how digital technologies will be key to manufacturers’ future success.