We know that keeping up with customer needs and delivering on shoppers’ expectations are among the biggest concerns retailers have today. And as companies come under pressure not only from changing shopper demographics and the impacts of technology, the holy grail for retailers today is using technology to better understand customers and give them shoppers exactly what they’re seeking at a particular moment.

Pricing and promotions strategies are vital factors in creating the best customer experience, especially in today’s marketplace where customers have access to more information and more shopping & buying channels than ever before.

In our webinar, “Don’t Price Yourself Out of the Competition!” we explore how these factors are impacting retailers, especially when it comes to understanding how to price products throughout their entire lifecycles. And we also hear from experts at two leading retailers – Jen Lange, merchandise systems administrator at Guess? Inc. and Randy Buffon, VP of Inventory Management at Hibbett Sports – who share how they’ve used technology to enable faster, more strategic pricing and promotions decisions, which led to improved margins, more consistency and a better overall customer experience.

Watch the video for a deep dive into how today’s retail lifecycle pricing software helps drive increased sales frequency, bigger basket sizes and better margins at each stage of a product’s life. We also explore why price execution is a critical factor in a world where retailers are engaging shoppers across multiple banners, channels and customer segments.

View the on-demand webinar now to learn how today’s technology is giving retailers a competitive edge in pricing and promotions – click here to learn more.