At one time or another, we have all felt like we are facing our supply chain challenges alone.  But it doesn’t need to be that way – far from it.  At JDA, we believe in the power of the crowd.  So much so, that we built a powerful support community – the JDA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – to help our customers grow and succeed.

The mission of JDA’s SIGs is straightforward – to foster an environment where active SIG participation maximizes your company‘s investment in JDA solutions and enables you to grow, both personally and professionally, through collaboration with other supply chain professionals.

Watch the following JDA TV video with Suzanne Toepfer from Chicos, JDA’s Users Group President, to learn more about the benefits of joining a SIG.  Suzanne discusses how SIGs are aligned with the JDA product categories, the support provided by JDA executives, the commitment required of members and how to join.

While directly connected to JDA, SIGs are managed by JDA customers, who use our solutions day in and day out.  And, with 4,000 customers, we have built a powerful base of user expertise in every industry, functional area and region of the world. By joining a SIG, you can leverage this global expertise to address and solve your own supply chain challenges – and you don’t have to do it alone.

Interested in joining the In-Crowd? Learn more and join today!


At JDA FOCUS 2017, our annual customer event being held this year at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas from April 25th through April 28th, we will have over 70 face-to-face SIG meetings.  For more information, browse the full list of SIG Meetings we have scheduled at FOCUS.

The Meeting of the SIGs

JDA SIG meetings provide maintenance-paying customers the opportunity to review, discuss and influence planned software enhancements and direction, as well as meet with our product directors to exchange ideas, ask questions and offer feedback about the solutions they use. Participation in JDA SIG meetings also give members an opportunity to become product experts, while learning best practices and processes in the industry.

The following is a list of SIG meetings planned through June 2017.  Please note, all meeting times are shown in MST:

  • Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings – April 5th, 8:30AM
  • Floor Planning – April 6th, 7:00AM
  • Space Planning – April 11th, 7:00AM
  • Planogram Generator – April 12th, 7:00AM
  • Factory Planner – April 18th, 8:00PM
  • Factory Planner – April 19th, 8:00AM
  • Workforce Management for Retail – April 20th, 6:00AM
  • Workforce Management for Retail – April 20th, 11:00AM
  • Advanced Replenishment – May 1st,  2:00PM
  • Dispatcher WMS – May 16th, 2:00AM
  • Workforce Management for Retail – May 18th, 6:00AM
  • Warehouse Labor Management – May 18th, 8:00AM
  • Workforce Management for Retail – May 18th, 11:00AM
  • Advanced Replenishment and Seasonal Profiling – May 18th, 11:00AM
  • Advanced Replenishment and Seasonal Profiling – May 18th, 2:00PM
  • Space Automation – May 31st, 7:00AM
  •  Category Knowledge Base – June 13th, 7:00AM
  • Demand and Fulfillment EMEA – June 14th, 2:00AM
  • Direct Commerce – June 14th, 9:00AM
  • Merchandise Management System – June 21st, 9:00AM
  • Transportation Management – June 22nd, 9:00AM
  • Warehouse Management – June 22nd, 9:00AM
  • Portfolio Merchandise Management – June 22nd, 9:00AM
  • Floor Planning – June 29th, 7:00AM

To join a SIG meeting, register at the JDA Customer Support website.