These days, it seems like almost every time a retail chain shuts underperforming stores or has a leadership change, many in the news media and industry press rush to ask the same question: Is this another sign of the “Retail Apocalypse?”

But retailers and industry experts know that this rush to print gloom-and-doom headlines often ignores other factors, such as debt and customer experience. And these headlines often distract from the positive details of the industry today, including new store openings and the strongest consumer confidence in well over a decade.

On this episode of the Supply Chain Nation podcast, our panel of retail industry experts looks past the headlines to ask the question: Is there a “Retail Apocalypse?” – an extinction-level event that’s going to hurt all retailers across the board? Or is there a better name for what we’re seeing in retail today?


We also discuss our newest JDA book release, Retail Reimagined for Dummies, which explores the factors causing shifts in the marketplace today, and how retailers can adapt to provide the experience customers demand.

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