This week, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) presented Dr. Nancy Nix with its Distinguished Service Award. If you work in supply chain, Nancy is someone worth knowing. She is the Executive Director of AWESOME, which stands for Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain, Operations Management and Education, an organization focused on advancing women in supply chain leadership roles. She is only the second woman to receive the CSCMP award. The first? Ann Drake, the chairman and chief executive officer of DSC Logistics and AWESOME’s founder. You can read about Nancy, as well as Ann Drake’s perspective on Nancy’s amazing leadership on the AWESOME website.

We congratulate Nancy on this much-deserved honor. We are proud that she took time to be a guest on JDA TV just a year ago. In her conversation with Nancie Torrence, JDA’s GVP of Government, Aerospace and Defense, she discusses research conducted by Gartner about the advancement of women in supply chain and how women can own their career in this dynamic field. We’re highlighting that conversation today, as her perspective and advice are as important now as the day she first shared it.