The rules that drive supply chain strategy were once focused on achieving lowered cost of goods and efficient distribution to stores. The strategy now, however, is instead driven by customers. In today’s omni-channel reality, previous assumptions about supply chain are being challenged by a digital-driven future. Retailers are evolving to become more agile and customer-centric.

SCM World recently published The Digital Transformation Directive: Practical Approaches to Tackling Disruptive Technologies at the C-Suite. In it, the authors write, “Digitization is a disruption that promises to bring massive change, yet is also littered with hype that can cause confusion. Supply chain digitization is a process of using technology advancements linked with physical and digital assets to redefine and reimagine current business practices to improve customer experience and create a significant competitive advantage.”

The report is based on conversations held when SCM World hosted a group of fifteen cross-industry CSCOs, COOs, and CPOs to discuss digitization, and to determine whether ‘digital’ was just another buzzword with hyped promises that would soon fade. For retailers, SCM writes that the digital transformation in supply chain started in many minds with the arrival of Amazon and the “whole new world of e-commerce.”

According to SCM World, in terms of its impact on retail supply chains, this retail revolution forced a rethink about inventory visibility, warehouse and fulfillment strategies, and even store operations. Digitization has forced retailers to think about what capabilities they would need to meet customer demand expectations going forward.

The report, available for download below, was written provide C-level supply chain executives and leaders with tools and frameworks to develop the roadmap and establish a directive for digital transformation.

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