Passion and Grit

This Wednesdays for Women blog highlights Deb Cupp, corporate vice president, Worldwide Enterprise & Commercial Industries at Microsoft. She offers her perspective on what makes a great leader and shares examples of how her passion and grit has helped her in an industry often dominated by men. In addition, check out her recent LinkedIn article…

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Leaping out of your Comfort Zone

Becky Fox, program manager, quote-to-cash revenue operations, accidentally fell into business school on her first day of college, changing the trajectory of her career. A huge fan of everything happening for a reason and saying yes to new opportunities, Becky shares her perspective on why it’s always good to step out of your comfort zone,…

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Team looking at a screen

Cross Functional Planning as a Way of (Business) Life

Remember the good old days when planning was something you did once a quarter just to make sure your annual plans were still on track? We don’t live in that world anymore. Today’s complex, global, customer-driven world requires all companies to be agile and responsive to constantly changing customer demand, competition, disruptions and geopolitical events.…

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Key Takeaways from NRF 2020

Well, it’s that time of the year again – where we have the opportunity to unite with 40,000 of our closest retail friends and take a pulse on the industry.  Now that the keynotes are complete, the booths are coming down, and we’ve all exhausted our supply of business cards, I thought I would take…

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Management with Intention

Erin Miller, senior solutions director, JXC & Partners, has worked at JDA the majority of her career. She shares some distinct learnings about management and how important it is to be involved in something bigger than yourself, for the greater purpose of your team’s growth and success. She also shares a great nugget on how…

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Pricing video Cary Thelan and Nicole Phillips

Leveraging AI to Minimize Markdowns [Video]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the face of the markdown process today. By gathering real-time demand data — and combining it with data on current inventory levels and margin targets — AI-enabled solutions from JDA can replace permanent markdowns with short-term promotional prices that maximize all outcomes. Learn more about how AI can help simplify…

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4 Questions with IKEA Food’s Digital Transformation Leader, Lars Gunnarsson

NRF 2020 is right around the corner, and we are thrilled to highlight our customer IKEA Food in their digital transformation journey in our booth, 4237. We sat down with Lars Gunnarsson, deputy managing director and digital transformation leader, IKEA Food, to get a deeper look into their evolution as a global food retailer (and,…

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Following a Path to Success

Ana Castro always dreamed of moving to a big city to pursue her career goals. A technical analyst at JDA in Monterrey, Mexico, she and her husband moved just one month after they married to invest in their career development. With a passion for learning, leading and persistent growth, it’s no surprise Ana portrays JDA’s…

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