21 mar 2023
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The New Associate

There will be a new generation of associates entering the workforce post-COVID-19. Organizations need to be prepared for their changing expectations so they can continue to engage and retain their employees. This generation of workers understands and values technology.

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Mitigando o Impacto do Coronavírus sobre Cadeias de Suprimento com Machine Learning e Visibilidade em Tempo Real

Um artigo do New York Times de agosto de 2019 destaca o quanto a inteligência artificial (IA) deve a humanos. Isso se dá pelo fato de muitas e muitas pessoas serem necessárias para ajudar um sistema de IA a aprender para que ele possa, eventualmente, agir por…

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7 AI Predictions for 2020

Dr. Michael Feindt  – founder of Blue Yonder and JDA’s chief scientific advisor – has been researching, understanding, and identifying ground-breaking use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) for many years. As  a physicist and data scientist, he is constantly thinking about how algorithms can be…