22 Sep 2023

The Exception to the Rule

Bianca Buckridee shares her story of being the exception to the rule in the foster care system, how she overcame being bullied as an immigrant, and surpassed all expectations in her career, despite being told she was ‘green’ and would never amount to anything. Tell…


Diversity & Inclusion at Microsoft [Video]

In this video, Mark Morgan, Executive Vice President, Blue Yonder, sits down with Kate Johnson, President, Microsoft U.S., to discuss how Microsoft is championing diversity and inclusion from the top down. Kate DIVES IN to Microsoft’s Empathy in Action framework, recruiting efforts and growth mindset…


Putting Empathy into Practice

Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, has gained wide acceptance over the last few decades and most recently has been elevated even more as being crucial in careers, personal growth and our ability to create psychological safety. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to identify and…