06 Jun 2023
Industry Insights, Logistics, Supply Chain

Innovative Solutions to Guard Against Supply Chain Disruptions and Challenges

Transportation and Logistics Disruptions In a series of blog articles, the Product/Solution Marketing team explores innovative solutions to guard against supply chain disruptions. The following blog features insights gained from my discussion with Geetha Vidhyaprakash, Blue Yonder Director of Product Management, during a recent Blue…


Suicide is Not Selfish

*Content Warning: This page contains discussion of suicide and may not be appropriate for all audiences.* September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and Sept. 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Both are meant to raise awareness of this sensitive and stigmatized topic. Globally, over one…


World Photography Day 2022 Look Book 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our Blue Yonder associates love to share. In celebration of this year’s World Photography Day, which was Aug. 19, 2022, we’re showcasing a few of our associates’ most meaningful and breathtaking photos. Like many hobbies, photography can…