JDA has a long history of working with our customers in manufacturing, retail and distribution to optimize all the nodes in an extended, end-to-end supply chain – from factories and DCs to retail stores. With JDA’s acquisition of Blue Yonder, we’re combining a large team of talented AI experts and data scientists, as well as powerful solutions, to our deep domain knowledge – accelerating our course toward the promise of a self-learning, Autonomous Supply Chain.

In case you missed our webinar with Uwe Weiss, CEO of Blue Yonder, and Desikan Madhavanur, EVP and Chief Development Officer of JDA Software, you can now watch the on-demand recording to learn how combining the power of two leaders will create new opportunities for manufacturers, retailers and more.

Watch now and learn more about:

  • How JDA and Blue Yonder will relentlessly focus on creating value for customers with AI and machine learning solutions
  • Why disruptive AI technology has the potential to create trillions of dollars of value across multiple sectors
  • Real-world applications for AI and machine learning technology, and an overview of how Blue Yonder is providing AI insights and powerful solutions to leading companies with solutions in demand forecasting, replenishment, inventory optimization and pricing

Want to learn more? Visit the JDA Knowledge Center to learn more about Blue Yonder’s solutions and how cognitive SaaS solutions will help companies better plan, analyze, execute and deliver value.