What an electric day at ICON! The audience was buzzing from the Main Stage Keynotes, which demonstrated Blue Yonder’s commitment to building the supply chain of the future and to helping customers activate their supply chain superpowers. These are our top takeaways from the ICON 2024 Main Stage Keynotes:

1. End-to-End Platform
Blue Yonder leadership showcased how their end-to-end supply chain platform, powered by cutting-edge AI and a unified data cloud, is enabling companies to navigate disruptions and create more resilient supply chains. This powerful combination allows businesses to leap across organizational silos, plan for the future, and move with the speed of change to meet digital transformation and sustainability goals. Today, the Blue Yonder Platform processes 10 billion predictions a day.

2. Generative AI and Supply Chain Agents
Blue Yonder highlighted their leadership in the AI space by integrating generative AI models with patented solvers and predictive AI capabilities. This innovation empowers businesses to solve supply chain challenges more effectively and faster. The introduction of Blue Yonder Orchestrator last year led to the framework to design AI Agents – intelligent supply chain assistants – that can support supply chain professionals by automating tasks, enhancing decision-making speed and quality, and proactively identifying opportunities and risks.

3. AI Innovation Studio in Dallas
As part of their commitment to innovation, Blue Yonder announced the launch of an AI Innovation Studio in Dallas. This facility will host design-led AI Agent workshops, allowing customers to collaborate and co-create intelligent solutions tailored to their specific needs.

4. Cognitive Solutions for Modern Supply Chains
Blue Yonder revealed their next set of cognitive class of solutions, . These solutions, built on a modern SaaS native platform, use AI to transform how companies manage supply chain uncertainties. Upcoming cognitive solutions include Cognitive Integrated Business Planning, which automates scenario planning; Cognitive Merchandise Financial Planning, which optimizes planning and decision-making processes; and Cognitive Execution.

5. Composable Journeys for Accelerated Transformation
Blue Yonder introduced the concept of Composable Journeys, which allows customers to implement innovations seamlessly and achieve a modern, autonomous end-to-end supply chain. This approach accelerates transformation, reduces time to value, and lowers the total cost of ownership, with some customers experiencing up to a 12-time return on investment.

6. Delivering on Innovation
Last year at ICON, Blue Yonder announced that it was investing over $1 billion in innovations over the next three years. To deliver on this promise, Blue Yonder doubled the size of its engineering organization with more than 300 scrum teams working on new capabilities. This growth allowed Blue Yonder to launch its largest product release in the history of the company earlier this year.

    7. Visionary Leadership From Duncan Angove
    CEO Duncan Angove emphasized Blue Yonder’s vision of turning supply chain operators into superheroes. By leveraging innovations like the data cloud, generative AI, and end-to-end connectivity, Blue Yonder is helping customers solve larger supply chain problems faster, providing greater visibility and enabling businesses to remain competitive and deliver greater value.

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