There have been so many “superpowered” moments at ICON 2024, and Day 2 was no exception. The day was filled with deserving award winners, an exclusive event for women in tech, and once-in-a-lifetime keynote from Superbowl MVP, Drew Brees. Let us share our three favorite moments from Day 2 at ICON 2024:

1. ICONic and Partner Leadership Awards

Blue Yonder’s partners are a key part of driving transformational digital supply chain strategies for customers. To recognize exceptional partner success over the course of the past year, Blue Yonder was proud to announce the winners of its 2023 Partner Leadership Awards. The winning partners expanded Blue Yonder’s reach into the market, enabled the development and delivery of innovation, and accelerated joint customers’ efforts to digitally transform their supply chains. Read the press release to see the full list of winners.

To honor its customers who are driving digital transformations of their supply chains, Blue Yonder also presented several leading companies with the ICONic Customer Awards. The ICONic Customer Awards celebrate organizations and individuals who are making a name for themselves by embracing innovation, challenging the status quo, and delivering great results. Find the full list of winners in the press release.

2. Visionaries in Tech Luncheon

The Visionaries in Tech luncheon at ICON was truly inspiring! Leaders from Panasonic Connect, Microsoft, TreeHouse Foods, Woolworths, and Blue Yonder shared empowering stories of breaking barriers and driving innovation.

Highlights included insights on achieving equality from Panasonic Connect’s Yukiko Yamaguchi, the importance of adaptability from Woolworths’s Raygaan Cottle, and the need to support other women from TreeHouse Foods’s Robin Keller.

The panel’s resilience in overcoming setbacks was a powerful reminder that diverse perspectives and visionary thinking fuel success. These trailblazers are paving the way for future leaders in tech and supply chain.

3. Closing Keynote Featuring Drew Brees

The closing keynote by Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees offered a powerful finish to ICON 2024. Sharing his experiences with overcoming adversity and the importance of strategic planning, Drew made compelling parallels between football and supply chain management. He emphasized the critical roles of coordination, decision-making, and adaptability — key elements that ensure success both on the football field and in managing efficient supply chains.

Drew’s focus on preparation was particularly resonant; he detailed how visualizing game day scenarios helps him execute flawlessly under pressure. Similarly, customers utilize Blue Yonder’s tools for precise scenario planning, enabling them to tackle any challenges with confidence and efficiency.

This session not only highlighted the intersection of sports and business but also underscored the universal applicability of preparation, strategy, and teamwork for achieving greatness.

For a comprehensive dive into Blue Yonder’s announcements from ICON 2024, explore the full press release here. And check out #BYICON2024 for live tweets from the keynote sessions and to see what other people are sharing about ICON 2024!