20 Mai 2024

A Pause to the Rush of Life

Each year, National Relaxation Day takes place on Aug. 15. In honor of the day, Rahul Vyas, Ph.D., a Lead on Blue Yonder’s Learning & Development team, shares a personal poem and his insights into how you can best relax. A pause, a breath, a…


Fearless Females of Supply Chain: Be WISE

WISE is a student organization with the primary purpose of promoting the field of supply chain management/logistics. As part of our “Fearless Females of Supply Chain” Blue Yonder Live series, Blue Yonder’s Chief Customer Officer Susan Beal spoke to Stephanie Powell Thomas, Associate Professor of…


Why I (Still) DIVE In

A few years ago I was asked, along with a broad coalition of Blue Yonder associates, to lend my image and quote to a company video called “Why I DIVE In.” It spotlighted many diverse Blue Yonder team members from all backgrounds and cultures and…