When Jade Delaney recently decided to get advertising agency McCann Bristol’s attention in order to get a job, she painted herself gold and stood in front of their building with a simple sign that read “know the power of women in advertising.” She was recreating the Fearless Girl statue (McCann Bristol’s office was a partner in that Fearless girl statue), and her clever stunt earned her a visit from both the managing and group creative director as well a one-month paid trial job. She was quoted as saying, “I would love to think that I have inspired advertising hopefuls to stay determined.”

I’m not sure which part of that story I like more. That she was so bold to paint herself head to toe in gold paint, that she had the stamina to stand in front of their building for two hours, or that she had the creative gumption to send a note to the managing director of her plan…and then do it…and get hired on the spot!

Companies passing over fresh young talent like Jade are totally missing the boat. We recently amplified our University Relations program, and we are in our third year of hiring new graduates for our professional services organization.

Devyn Sanchez, University Relations & Diversity Specialist at JDA says, “If you type “supply chain talent gap” into your browser, you’ll quickly see the importance of transferring knowledge to the next generation of working professionals. University recruitment benefits us by allowing us to bring in a young and diverse group with a different perspective in the work place, while closing the talent gap.”

We live in such an instantaneous world, including hiring, and many times we want people that can come in and be productive right away. However, there can be some great benefits to your company in hiring new talent versus experienced talent.

Here are five things to consider:

  1. High Energy: The energy and excitement generated by an early professional ready to put their knowledge to the test is a sight to behold. I have often wished I could figure out how to bottle the enthusiasm.
  2. Creativity: They see the world through a different lens, and that’s terrific. We all need fresh new ways to see old problems and they help us turn them around in new ways.
  3. A blank ‘slate’: Coming in ‘fresh’ means these fantastic new hires have no bad office politics you need to correct or unlearn. They are just waiting to listen, take notes, offer suggestions and learn. They are a blank slate!
  4. Learning sponge: Oh yes, that learning thing. They have been doing that for the last four years or so and have it down, so most likely, they are going to soak everything thing up and then some. This is something we can all aspire to as well.
  5. Technology aptitude: They’ve grown up with technology, so let’s just say they are a quick study and usually have a few good tools we can learn from and adopt as well.

This past week at JDA, we hosted 19 young professionals for Orientation into our Associate Business Consultant (ABC) program. They are all fresh out of school and ready to take on the supply chain world! I was so impressed with their energy, their knowledge and eagerness to learn.

One ABC, Alexandria Walker, started at JDA as an intern, was hired full-time with our Sales Enablement team and recently interviewed and was hired to be an ABC. Alex had this to share, “Throughout my time at JDA, I believe I have brought a new perspective and passion to JDA. In every conversation, I am encouraged to bring a unique viewpoint to the table and have it be heard by senior leadership and peers. It is refreshing to work at such an established company that values unique thought processes. This growth mindset is what sets JDA apart from our competitors and positions us as an industry pioneer.”

Our customers are in for a real treat. Jade’s story and our own ABCs make me very happy about the future ahead. Creative. Bold. Determined. Smart. We are in good hands.