Consumers are embracing digital commerce at a rapid pace, forever changing the retail landscape, leading to increased complexity and challenges for brick and mortar retail stores. As shoppers merge online and in-store when making purchases, store associates are being tasked with new, complex activities to fulfill their orders. Add in the difficulty in forecasting shopper activity, and the result is an operational environment that’s difficult for store managers to address with current tools.

As retailers are forced to reinvent the way they service shoppers, there is a gap in the market to address this intermixing of online and in-store shopping that requires more agility and intelligence at the merchandise level. So, what is the future of the store? In a nutshell, it’s profitable customer commerce with a personal touch and other worldly knowledge of store inventory, all on a mobile device for each store employee.

Sounds complicated, right? It doesn’t have to be.

JDA Store Optimizer addresses this gap for global retailers. This ground-breaking solution – built and powered by Google Cloud Platform – automates and prioritizes in-store processes, which removes operational complexity while enabling optimal execution by store associates.

JDA Store Optimizer has built-in intelligence which factors in space and floor plans, labor and products to create the optimal assignment of tasks for individual associates. It enables store personnel to focus on the optimal task via immediate information and alerts on mobile devices such as their phones, tablets and watches. It leverages both existing inventory location technologies and new technologies via the Internet of Things.

Store managers can spend more time on the floor making decisions that will positively affect store performance, and less time looking at data points, manually tracking items and struggling to address management issues.

JDA’s own Vali Fayen will be speaking about JDA Store Optimizer and giving a demo of the technology on the main stage at ShopTalk next week. (Track #5 In-Store Innovation, Tuesday March 21st at 3:50-4:00pm) JDA Store Optimizer is a key aspect to JDA’s vision for “Retail Reimagined” which encompasses JDA’s solutions for Intelligent Planning, Intelligent Fulfillment and Intelligent Store, allowing retailers to transform their omni-channel customer experience.

JDA will be exhibiting at ShopTalk this year (Booth #341). Come by and meet your new store associate who everyone is talking about – Pepper the Robot! Retail’s newest store associate through JDA’s partnership with Softbank, Pepper can tell customers if an item is out of stock and send an alert to hold the item at a different location, suggest a similar product in stock, or send an alert to the back office on a mobile device to pull the product.

Need a break after the long days at Shoptalk?  JDA is hosting a cocktail reception on Tuesday March 21st at 6pm – 7:30pm.  Stop by and have a drink on us!