Here at JDA, we know innovation is critical to profitable growth and efficiency, which is why we invest in it to help organizations leap ahead of their competitors. We also know how important research around it, which is why we’re investing  in Montreal’s academic ecosystem to further its operation research and AI for real-time decision making.

IVADO, the Institute for Data Valorization, works at bringing together industrial partners and world-class academic researchers from different verticals and disciplines to foster breakthrough research combining operation research and AI. JDA’s partnership with IVADO will give JDA and its Montreal based JDA Labs access to students and professors to work on its research proposal: Data-Driven Innovation for the Supply Chain and Retail Industry. Several collaborative projects will therefore be launched under that umbrella, spanning four major themes:

  • Intelligent Supply Chain: Combine machine learning and advanced operation research to create a proactive and self-learning supply chain.
  • Assortment Optimization in Grocery and Fashion Retail: Optimize the assortment creation process while considering space, trends, product interactions and external events.
  • Advanced Forecasting: Refine forecasting of demand for existing and future fashion products, by leveraging product attributes, multiple data inputs and understanding interactions between products.
  • Self-Tuning Algorithms: Leverage the repetitive solving of similar problems to improve the convergence of solving future problems of the same type.

With this collaboration, JDA Labs will increase the research capacity of its science team, already active in multiple projects such as inventory optimization for slow moving item, returns forecasting, fashion retail analytics, amongst others. For more posts similar to this topic, be sure to check out the JDA Blog.