It’s far too easy to get so caught up in headlines about the so-called “retail apocalypse” that we forget to see the successes in retail today. From new cutting-edge technologies that reduce fulfillment times and maximize revenue, to new ways of leveraging data that can personalize and promote like never before, these are exciting times to be a retailer.

Winning retailers are looking beyond the stress and challenges magnified by headlines, and unlocking the potential of today’s innovations. This means knowing how your customers’ changing preferences are driving a rapid evolution in retail that’s changing almost every facet of your business.

That’s where JDA is able to help. We just published our latest book on the evolving retail industry – a reference for those looking to understand how to navigate this changing landscape and come out stronger, leaner and more prepared to give your customers a great experience: “Retail Reimagined for Dummies.” This is JDA’s fourth book, and it’s full of ideas and know-how gleaned from our work with retailers who have digitally transformed themselves to give customers what they want, quickly and efficiently. This book also explores how brick-and-mortar stores are evolving to become fulfillment centers and homes of more experiential, immersive approaches to shopping.

Download your free copy of the new book today to gain clear and proven approaches that address the major trends that have upended retailers’ business models, including the impacts of Amazon and other mega-marketplaces as well as generational changes and cultural shifts. We dive into the “5 Ps of Retail” – people, product, price, placement and promotions. And we guide you through the four important steps you’ll need to transform your retail business and create the experiences your customers will want in the years ahead:

  • Reimagine your retail stores. Yesterday’s business practices might have served you well, but we know that in a world where customers’ habits are changing, shoppers expect personalized service, transparent prices and a variety of fulfillment options. We explore ways that you can change the way you think about store space, including advancements that can make it easier to provide the types of experiences that customers want from retailers.
  • Digitally transform your supply chain. For the future of your retail business, does it make more sense to own supply chain assets or lease them? Will it be more cost-effective and easier to position more inventory close to your customers, in stores or forward depots, or centralize it? We discuss these options and why retailers might choose one over another. And we discuss the new technologies that are taking uncertainty out of the retail supply chain.
  • Be data-driven at every level. Data is the currency used to buy success in today’s retail world. If you can analyze and understand customer data well, you’ll be better prepared to compete against your competition and succeed. And, as more powerful systems to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning are developed, other data sources – such as social, news, events and weather (SNEW) data – give you the power to make even better informed decisions.
  • Make customer experience your new obsession. In a world where customers can not only discover products online, but use auto-replenishment and subscription services to take even more control over the retail experience, how will you create the kinds of experiences that keep customers coming back – by making retail welcoming and fun?

 “Retail Reimagined for Dummies” is your guide to navigating technological innovations like artificial intelligence and data-driven decision making – it shows why these aren’t just buzzwords, but real solutions that you can start leveraging today.

So whether you’re a retail executive who needs to know how new tech can improve customer experience and make operations more efficient … or someone who wants to discover how data science, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are changing retail planning and execution … it’s time to take your knowledge to the next level.

Download the book today and find out why retail remains an exciting place full of opportunities. There are challenges on the horizon, but the years ahead are a lot less bleak than those catchy headlines might make it seem. The fast pace of innovation means you can’t sit back and wait to innovate. “Retail Reimagined for Dummies” guides you to the decisions that can make your brand stronger and smarter in the years to come.

Click here to download “Retail Reimagined for Dummies” and learn about our three previous JDA Software “For Dummies” special editions.