If you’re a JDA customer, you’ve likely been helped by Rebecca Torres, one of JDA’s delivery success managers. Rebecca is the first point of contact for support customers when they need escalated assistance, whether it’s answering a question, connecting them with the appropriate department for further support or facilitating any issues that arise. In addition to her delivery success manager duties, Rebecca helped develop JDA’s premier level of customer support service (CHOICE), where she wrote the duties and responsibilities for other delivery success managers. Rebecca’s strong dedication to her job and helping customers comes directly from her military background.

Being in the military also formed Rebecca’s passion for exercising and running. In fact, she runs three to four miles a day. In addition to running, she enjoys baking and making different recipes. She even went to pastry school and earned her French Pastry Degree, Diplôme de Pâtisserie, from Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, Australia.

Rebecca Torres, pictured second from right, proudly wearing her U.S. Army uniform.

SCN: What branch of the military did you serve?

RT: I served in the U.S. Army for almost 10 years and did part active duty and part National Guard. I was in the Alabama National Guard and the California National Guard.

SCN: Can you talk more about your service?

RT: While I was in the military, I was a transportation and logistics officer. Being an officer in the transportation and logistics field, I was given the opportunity to perform different jobs, missions and convoys. I managed all transportation and supply distribution for an 850-personnel combat engineer support battalion. The duties consisted of all transportation and logistical aspects of the entire base and all the units that were stationed there. I also created a standard operating procedure book that contained strategic planning and implementation of Army doctrine for 200 employees.

Additionally, I managed all supply, maintenance and logistical supply chain activities for over 200 soldiers who did everything from convoys, to refueling points, managing warehouses and managing bays, which serviced any type of equipment the units had, such as generators and vehicles.

SCN: How did your military service shape your life? Your career?

RT: I was commissioned back in 1998, so when I went into the military Excel spreadsheets were still being used and there wasn’t automation within the warehouse yet. I was teaching my soldiers to manually pick pieces and parts by numbers using spreadsheets. I also established best of class practices to organize our warehouses and systems. Additionally, I’ve helped implement more automation and business tools for U.S. Army officers to use for management and to improve productivity and efficiency.

I’ve been able to use my military background in this particular area to help new customers who start out with JDA today who aren’t fully automated yet, especially in the WFM and WLM space. I understand, from the ground up, what it takes to manage multiple warehouses, inventory, deadlines under pressure and routing of convoys.

Prior to JDA, and after the military, I worked with government contractors in the transportation and logistics field. At one of the contracts, I was in charge of all the logistical support for a military base in California. This consisted of the logistics of all fuel, petroleum, maintenance, warehouses and soldiers. In addition to managing these different divisions, I created an intranet and extranet to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to evaluate performance for these specific logistical services.

Though my background is pretty diverse, I’ve continued to grow my career in the same realm. My diverse background is based on my military experience that I gained once I graduated college and entered the service.

SCN: What’s your proudest accomplishment?

RT: I feel I have done a good job maintaining the growth of my career over the years in an industry where I have over 20 years of experience.  That experience specifically aligns with all of JDA, and our mission, vision, products and services. I’m very happy where I’m at right now at JDA and love the customers I take care of. JDA has been a great choice for me. Everyone at JDA is ready and willing to help and there’s a deep concern about taking care of the customer.

SCN: What does Veterans Day mean to you?

RT: Veterans Day is a time to reflect on being thankful that I got to experience and learn the logistics industry in the military and how it’s shaped me as a person. It has taught me dedication not just to my career, but my life and family. It’s really a remembrance of everything that has gotten me to the place where I am today. I’m proud to be a leader at JDA.

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