16 Jun 2024
Wednesdays for Women

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Christina Luna, senior director, digital experience at Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software), channels her entrepreneurial spirit in everything she does in her role and 15-year career at the company. From an early age she took interest in retail and the customer experience. That interest is…

Wednesdays for Women

Embracing Adversity

Claudia Behnke brings a story of perseverance and determination to today’s Wednesdays for Women blog. A contract specialist at Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software, Inc.), Claudia dives head first into adversity without fear of failure and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Having lived in…

Wednesdays for Women

Passion and Grit

This Wednesdays for Women blog highlights Deb Cupp, corporate vice president, Worldwide Enterprise & Commercial Industries at Microsoft. She offers her perspective on what makes a great leader and shares examples of how her passion and grit has helped her in an industry often dominated…