In part-two of the Executive Exchange video series hosted by JDA ICON reporter Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, Alain Sawaya of KPMG explains that successfully implementing a digital transformation depends on the people, the organization and of course, the technology. For KPMG, that meant partnering with JDA to lead the necessary digital transformation they would need to support their global client needs. Hear from Alain on how predictive analysis, proactive insight and forward-thinking behavior powered by JDA has helped KPMG achieve their big-picture goals in the video below.

Executive leadership is the key to success for digital transformation according to KPMG’s Alain Sawaya. The quality of data collected, as well, is what can deliver a forward-looking view for businesses to drive ahead towards profitable goals. This executive insight is just one of many savvy points to gain as part of JDA’s eight-part video series featuring a variety of executive interviews. Explore more of how JDA can help your business here.


Visit the blog next Tuesday for part three of our Executive Exchange Series. We’ll speak with Kiran Vankamamidi, Driscoll’s CIO, to discuss speed to market.