I recently had the opportunity to contribute an article, S&OP Vacation, to the Winter 2017 edition of Supply Chain World magazine1 about the sales and operations planning process. In working with many customers over the years, I’ve discovered that the term means different things to different organizations, causing some to question the business value sales and operations planning can create within an organization. Following is an excerpt of the article:

Many sales and operations planning (S&OP) meetings start out as such, but quickly become focused on execution. I recently visited an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and had the opportunity to attend their S&OP meeting. The majority of the meeting was spent on short-term production issues. Even though it was an S&OP meeting, they were really doing sales and operations execution (S&OE).

S&OP has been around for several years, but when I talk to prospects about what they mean by S&OP, I hear many different perspectives. Some think of S&OP as tactical demand planning; others think of it as a purely tactical demand-supply matching. A lot of customers I meet say they have been doing S&OP, but are not getting value from it. After some investigation, it turns out that what they are calling S&OP is really S&OE. Their S&OP meetings focus entirely on day-to-day tactical details, leaving no time for cross-functional strategic business decisions, goals and objectives.

Visit Supply Chain World to read the rest of the article, S&OP Vacation, which appears on pages 16-18 in the online magazine.

Do these challenges with S&OP sound familiar?

If you are having similar challenges with your internal S&OP meetings, JDA Software and KPMG LLP would like to invite you to a collaborative and informative workshop on recent industry trends and innovations across integrated business planning processes. Hear firsthand from supply chain solution experts from KPMG and JDA as they discuss the latest process and technology capabilities required to enable a responsive, aligned and synchronized S&OP process across an enterprise.

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  • Manage the “gap” between the current plan and the annual operating plan.
  • Analyze and view data through multiple lenses and cope with a regional/global matrix process.
  • Implement and administer the S&OP process cadence using workflows, exceptions and audit trails.

This workshop will leverage workstations for the simulation exercises, so seating is limited and reserved on a first-come, first-served basis2. Register today!


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