22 Jul 2024

Brewing Female Leadership

In today’s DIVE In blog, Inge Keymolen, Director of Digital Transformation Logistics at AB InBev, shares her thoughts on diversity and inclusion, personal anecdotes, and advice to reach your goals in our “Fearless Females of Supply Chain” Blue Yonder Live. A Blue Yonder customer, Inge…


World Photography Day 2022 Look Book 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our Blue Yonder associates love to share. In celebration of this year’s World Photography Day, which was Aug. 19, 2022, we’re showcasing a few of our associates’ most meaningful and breathtaking photos. Like many hobbies, photography can…

ICON, Industry Insights

Developers Invited to Attend Luminate Platform/DEVCON Track at ICON 2022

Disruptive, complex environments are today’s norm. Delayed shipments, trucking concerns, workforce shortages, and cancelled flights all impact supply chains. Blue Yonder’s Luminate™ Platform provides the integrated intelligence and tools necessary to allow Blue Yonder applications to transform uncertainty into certainty, synchronizing supply chain ecosystems and…