Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date. This quick roundup of industry news includes a look at some of the latest tech advancements such as Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality (AR) technology, wearables, robots and more, and how these technologies have the potential to change the fortune of those companies that adopt them.

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The value of upskilling technologies

Harvard Business Review’s article, Augmented Reality Is Already Improving Worker Performance, takes a look at how upskilling technologies – those technologies that support a partnership between humans and smart machines – may be the key to addressing the growing shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. As Magid Abraham and Marco Annunziata report, wearable devices like AR smart glasses are being used in industrial and manufacturing settings to boost workers’ skillsets and productivity.  

Are clothes the future of wearables?

Hi-tech fashion is coming to a store near you. Hayley Tsukayama’s article for The Washington Post looks at the recent collaboration between Google and Levi’s to create a high-tech jean jacket, designed for commuters who bike to work. The article, How Google and Levi’s smart jacket shows what’s coming next for wearables, shows how the jacket’s smart fabric – where technology is woven into its fibers – enables a commuter to take calls, get directions and more from the jacket sleeve. It also explores how smart fabrics may mean big business for wearables.

The good news about robots

While robotics and automation have been heralded as the wave of the future, many have feared that those advancements will result in significant job loss. TL Andrews’ article for QUARTZ argues otherwise in Robots won’t take your job—they’ll help make room for meaningful work instead. Turns out that there is much more to the automation story and its potential impact on jobs. This article explores how productivity gains can lead to increases in demand, which are more likely to drive job growth, not loss.

IoT gains ground in the food industry

IoT technology and its potential impact is being explored across many industries, including the food industry. According to Laura Mushrush’s Food Safety News article, 4 ways IOT is supporting the food industry, food companies are already utilizing IoT technology to improve food safety efficiency, reduce waste, maintain coherent records, and support interconnected data analysis.

Is your company’s eye on the future?

As companies compete to get an edge on future tech capabilities, Kirsten Korosec’s article in Fortune takes a look at Intel’s latest acquisition play. Why Intel Bought Mobileye explores the company’s latest acquisition announcement of Mobileye, a leading automotive supplier of sensor systems, and the potential value it brings to Intel.