FOCUS brings retail, warehouse and manufacturing professionals together to share best practices and hear how industry leaders are delivering real results with the help of JDA’s innovations.  An exciting new addition to FOCUS is the Innovation Hub at the center of the Delivery Zone, where attendees have the opportunity to experience industry use cases leveraging various new innovations.

The Innovation Hub illustrates how correlated data, as well as events and activities, with predictive and prescriptive capabilities to trigger actions that leverage JDA assets across the supply chain. Let’s take a sneak peek into the Innovation Hub at FOCUS:

  1. Digital Hub – The Digital Hub is a concept design that identifies events and generate insights that lead to prescriptive and predictive recommendations across the supply chain. The “minority report” like demonstration includes advanced UI concepts and paints the vision of this concept as the center of the supply chain, where users will see and understand conditions and be prompted to act upon recommendations that spin out to the other demonstrated innovations within the Innovation Hub.
  1. JDA Labs Virtual Experience – Using a robotic telepresence vehicle, attendees will experience a 15 minute live and interactive tour with JDA Labs in Montreal that delivers a key message of JDA’s innovation investment, the results of these investments and a view into a few of the active innovation projects currently being pursued. You’ve never seen anything like this before.
  1. Warehouse – JDA and Kenco are partnering to demonstrate use cases that illustrate prescriptive recommendations from the Digital Hub to a drone and the MicroSoft HaloLens. The Kenco drone will be enclosed by cargo netting and the use case will provide requests for various activities that a drone can accomplish. While the drone will be piloted at FOCUS, JDA will also provide insight as to how the drone will fly autonomously in the future. The drone will scan barcodes and recognize the existence or lack thereof of inventory, as well as other attributes of warehouse inventory. Further, as the Digital Hub identifies potential training issues with warehouse employees, the employee will be promoted to engage in a VR training course. Attendees who stop by will have the opportunity to wear the VR HaloLens and “take” the training course as well as observe by mirrored monitor.
  1. Manufacturing – Here you’ll see a demonstration of the link between JDA and one of our partner’s, TransVoyant and how manufacturing supply chains can sense potential material-related supply disruptions ahead of time, assess the impact of the disruptions and analyze different mitigation scenarios in real-time. JDA will also demonstrate how information is processed from social media, news, events and weather and predict potential impact to demand forecasts, as well as adjust supply plans accordingly to offer better customer service. Leveraging real-time demand and supply signals will allow manufacturers to move closer to an always-on supply chain that’s always in tune with the realities of the physical world.
  1. Store – The Digital Hub will direct attendees to events and insights that are bi-directionally observed through Intel Internet of Things (IoT). The kiosk will have apparel and footwear, as well as CPG products displayed within a physical double sided floor gondola. Within this kiosk, attendees will be able to experience the following:
    • Store Optimizer – Come see a demonstration of this technology and how it’ll increase profitable revenue growth for the physical retail store. You’ll also be able to see how the Google Cloud Platform is leveraged for this application.
    • Partner Demonstration by ReTech Labs– Autonomous robotic inventory and plan-o-gram scanning identifies out of stock, as well as plan-o-gram compliance issues. Stores can also refine the plan-o-gram with location specific adjustments that don’t require HQ overhead to complete. This can be fully integrated with JDA applications and powered with computer vision and machine learning solution. A mobile device powered by a store employee will demonstrate the same capabilities and how a signal from the Digital Hub can trigger either an autonomous robot or an employee to verify and improve store conditions.
    • JDA Labs Augmented Reality – This mobile augmented reality (AR) demonstration will provide attendees with the ability to look at the plan-o-gram and “see” issues with space compliance, inventory and sales that can be corrected via AR. As a new plan-o-gram set is finalized, this mobile demonstration can also certify that the products are positioned as prescribed in the plan-o-gram.
    • Intel – This IoT demonstration will use apparel and footwear to show how the retail shop floor can be “seen” and understood. Attendees will get to see where products are placed, how products are paired and how casual demand and inventory signals can be communicated to the Digital Hub.
  1. Merchandising – will be using a tilted touchscreen to showcase the future of assortment planning through relevance scoring and consumer segment appeal analytics. Attendees will be able to see how the Google Cloud Platform is leveraged for this application.
  1. Pepper – Pepper will demonstrate the humanoid store assistant of the future that interacts with attendees around several product, inventory and order at store ship to home use cases. Attendees will have the opportunity to see Pepper’s ability to recognize products and check size availability. The Digital Hub will also connect with Pepper bi-directionally in our story of innovation.

Within the JDA ecosystem and suite of applications, we see the concept of the Digital Hub that can sense, interpret and prescriptively act to improve the supply chain, beyond just retail. Innovation is critical to profitable growth and efficiency. JDA is investing in innovation to help companies leap ahead of their competitors. While we are innovating across all areas of JDA, our center of excellence for innovation (JDA Labs) applies for new patents every month and includes a team of over 40 data scientists and user experience experts working to extend our capabilities for customers. These patents are driving capabilities that are only available through JDA applications. Contact JDA to learn more today.