If you are based in one of the JDA India offices in Bangalore or Hyderabad, or happened to be there over the week of March 23rd, you would have experienced what was clearly an innovation wave spreading across the company.

“Crystal Ball” was a JDA event across the company’s two India-based Centers of Excellence, established to tackle the constant shift in technology head-on through our best asset – our people! What started off with a challenge to the JDA leadership team, led to a three-month effort toward creating a funnel for ideas that will fuel our product transformation and customer experience.

Proof of concepts, not just ideas, ruled the floor with concepts spanning across a large spectrum of subject areas such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies impacting supply chain, supply chain optimization, business processes and human resources.

What was especially inspiring was to see the high presence of women in an event which has caused a ripple of positivity across the organization.  From owning ideation to firming up the entire packaging, presentation and selling of their proofs of concept, women led from the front.

There were booths which were run by all women teams, their ideas landing in the top three presentations across locations, resulting in them being shortlisted for patenting!  Special mention goes out to JDA’s Women Interest Network’s enabler program that mentored and coached women who had some promising ideas, to help them convert those into working models.  Now that’s what I call a WIN!

Collaboration took on new meaning, with men and women across diverse functions of the organization coming together to unleash the power of ideation that empowers JDA on its journey of customer value creation.  We could clearly feel that we were off to a great start and have all that it takes to get JDA to be not just the leader but also the disruptor with its women innovators playing a pivotal role!

We will not be satisfied with just a great start; this is a big step forward toward achieving JDA’s vision of living a growth mindset through ground-breaking, customer-focused innovation! JDA will continue to invest in the momentum created and provide women visibility and opportunity to excel. I predict that Crystal Ball will become our catalyst for even better times – and more contributions from the women at JDA – to come!

Mahima Sugumaran leads JDA’s Customer Success – Service Management and Global Process functions responsible for customer experience and driving operational efficiency through a 24×7 team based in the company’s Bangalore Center of Excellence. She also leads the company’s Bangalore-based Women’s Interest Network (WIN) team.